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Dyman Associates Group of Companies Insurance Products: Eight Top Tips for Buying a New Car

If you are thinking of splashing out on a new car make sure you drive off with a good deal with these top tips - from Swinton Insurance.



1 - Consider your choice

Think about what you want from your new car - an environmentally friendly engine, fuel efficiency or just lots of room in the boot?


2 - Do your research

Before you visit a showroom find out everything you can about the car you want, specifically the model, engine and any other specifications. Check out whatcar.com and which.co.uk for everything you need to know.


3 - Don’t budge from your budget

Fix a maximum figure in your mind and stick to it. Remember that car prices are flexible and there are usually discounts to be had. Visit priceanycar.com and don’t forget to add running costs to your calculations.


4 - Take a test drive with someone in the know

Take someone who knows a bit about cars who can check for problems as you find out how it handles, how easy the controls are and how comfortable it feels while you’re driving.


5 - Shop around for finance

Most dealerships will offer some way of spreading the cost but it pays to explore all your options. Don’t focus solely on the monthly payment, consider how much the car will cost in total by the end of the agreement. It’s also helpful to shop around for finance.


6 - Consider part exchange

In simple terms this means your car is taken off your hands at an agreed price, which is knocked off the cost of your new car. You are likely to get less from a dealer than you would from selling privately, but it may be worth it for a hassle free process.


7 - Trust your gut instinct

Whether buying a new or used car, don’t be sidetracked. Find the car you like, stick to your budget and if the deal doesn’t feel right, just walk away.


8 - Try this savvy saving trick

Opt for an end of the line model rather than a new one. Look out for a car dealer's courtesy car too, which are often in good condition, come with great features and low mileage.


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Citroen C4 Picasso - A practical family favourite which is economical to run, has ample room for five people and a huge boot into the bargain.


Bargain of the year

Hyundai i10 - Quiet, cheap to run and easy to park, this budget priced car is ideal for running around the city.


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BMW i3 - This distinctive electric car with a range of up to 125 miles is a top choice for urban drivers who want to go green.


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